Economic Development Marketing Tricks to Watch Out For

Anyone who knows about Economic Development Associations realizes that they are forever trying to put a good spin on things. For instance if their city is the number one city for car thieves, they will find some other statistic to plug. Such as our city suburbs have the lowest murder rate of any city in the state. In fact sometimes it is what they don’t tell you which is actually very telling ERP accounting system.

One interesting trick that suburban areas use is that they will take all the business licenses in the city many of which are home based business licenses and read the names and tell people the percentages of International Businesses in the area. In actuality most of these so-called international businesses are really multi-level marketing companies, which put the “International” on the end of their business name to impress the down-line they try to sign up.

Pretty sneaky trick isn’t it? Well indeed it is and most business owners or people moving into the area never have a clue and never think about it again. Still it is plugged as a plus for the city and its ability to cater to the International Business Person somehow suggesting world-trade? Now you might think this is pretty pathetic and I did catch a Boston Suburb touting this recently.

Some say, well no-harm, no-foul and yet where is the integrity? If business owners must comply with marketing laws, rules and regulations and quasi government agencies do not have too, one has to ask where fair is located? Well, just ask the Economic Development Association’s Marketing Department – It’s probably right there in that town?


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