How to Properly Care For Your Guinea Pig

The guinea pig is one of the most sociable pet anyone can careproper. Considering the fact that they are rodents, guinea pigs love to be handled and touched. Just like dogs, they love companionship as well. Because of this, I’m sure you don’t want anything to happen to your beloved pets. Here’s a small list of things to do to properly care for your guinea pig.

First, the cage that you keep them in should be big enough. Although guinea pigs are considered indoor pets, they still need a big enough space to run and get their needed exercise.

Have you seen the cages that have exercise balls and wheels? Although it can look cute, this is actually a health hazard for this type of rodent. It can cause ankle, foot and even spinal injuries that can cause death to your cavies. So please do not buy or use them.

If you are going to put something in their cages, make it hay. This particular type of pet needs hay to stay healthy. However, it should be the correct kind of hay. The most common kind of hay available in pet stores is Alfalfa hay which is only good for pregnant and baby cavies. The hay you should use is called Timothy hay.

When it comes to feeding, guinea pigs need a variety of vegetables and sometimes fruit. Feeding them regular, store-bought food is good too but do not feed it to them everyday. Mix up the variety to help your cavies develop a healthy appetite.

These are some of the proper care tips for your guinea pig. With these tips, you’re cavy will grow up healthy and happy.

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