Mining Wear Parts – One Part of OEM Replacement for Mining Equipment

Imagine purchasing new mining wear parts but your employees are having difficulty embracing new features or they are not maintaining the wear part according to the supplier’s recommendations. This may be a situation where a training session can educate employees about the mulcherparts new mining equipment parts and they can better understand the maintenance schedule. A supplier that offers training programs is one that is in-tune with their clients. Training sessions can help improve workplace safety and aid in a seamless transition to working with new parts.

Supervision and maintenance of mining OEM replacement parts is another service that suppliers frequently offer. This means that the purchaser contracts out the inspection and maintenance of the parts. This service can greatly benefit a company, as it means the worksite will regularly have experts with the latest knowledge checking the equipment. Common sense tells us that regular maintenance improves productivity and performance. Having mining wear parts experts perform this service only enhances the process. They can quickly perform maintenance on-site and help the organization identify problem areas before they become large repairs.

Another key service to investigate is how repairs are handled. When it comes to any mining parts, they will eventually need repairs, need to be retrofitted, or perhaps completely re-built. Finding a supplier that offers these services is a cost-effective solution to handling failing equipment. The expense is far less than buying new or refurbished equipment. Such a service can quickly restore equipment so down time is kept to a minimum.

There are times, however, when mining wear parts simply need replacing. This is a service that may seem obvious but should still be investigated. Can the supplier quickly replace the wear part that they previously sold to the company? What are the delivery timelines? Are they able to accommodate international delivery? A supplier should be able to adequately outline their replacement service. The way a supplier handles repairs heavily influences a purchaser’s business.

Finally, one of the most sought after services for purchasers of replacement OEM mining parts is the possibility of engineered-to-order (ETO) parts. These are essentially custom-made mining parts, designed to accommodate new or older equipment. A supplier must have a thorough knowledge of previous designs and specifications so that they can adapt parts to different equipment. This expertise and experience is an essential service.


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