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James Allen was set up in 1998 and its sole purpose is to sell via the web the greatest engagement rings and lab graded diamonds at the greatest value. Beginning that point, it has developed to include selling all kinds of jewelry. The media have highlighted James Allen items and has profiles in “The Washington Post”, “US News & World Report”, and “NBC News.The “National Jeweler” and other jewelry industry publications also mention James Allen. James Allen sells fine jewelry and diamonds at far below retail prices because it is very pleased to be an online-only business. Internet trading is far less costly than selling through retail stores and the savings are passed on the their clients. Therefore one gets the best jewelry at the most competitive price.

Jamesallen Range

The web page of James Allen is designed such that you can choose the stone or the metal that you like and look at the styles that are available. Typically, in the websites of other jewelry sellers, you’d select the earrings and then view all the styles they sell.. It may seem a different way but it really works. Let us go through every section and I will tell you what you can anticipate:

Loose diamonds – In the database of James Allen are more than 55,000 laboratory graded diamonds which are quickly searchable. Among that enormous number, actual pictures of more than 15,000 diamonds are accessible for viewing in the website. To search the diamond that you prefer, just select the shape, carat weight and budget and the corresponding results will be given.

Engagement rings – The engagement rings of James Allen are sold by selecting your own options with the diamond to match. A wide range of choices are available from the traditional solitaire, side stones, three-stone and unique tension settings. For those who opt for high-end uoking, exclusive engagement rings, collections by designers Danhov and M. Geller are also available, along with other exquisite designer settings.

Wedding & anniversary – Wedding bands may come in a variety of diamond, three-stone, eternity bands and plain. The 18k yellow gold diamond wedding ring listed at $775 and the diamond bands are specifically lavish and of good value. Those desiring a three-stone band have various choices among the stunning rings. Plain bands, two-tone rings and engraved bands are also available for those who choose a classic look.

Diamond jewelry – James Allen rings are superb, some are exquisitely and uniquelly designed with diamonds flowing aroung the piece. One particular design is the 14k white gold pendant with a teardrop design. For every piece, the website provides information that describes the carat weight, amount of diamonds and others.. For online jewelry traders, this is unique and beneficial.

Gold jewelry – Here, we feature jewelry made of yellow, white and rose gold which has no stone. This consists of pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings and more. A good range of bracelets are available like the 14k white gold with engraved oval link. For the necklaces, James Allen highlights very good 24k fashion designs, each under $1000.

Gemstone jewelry – The gemstone jewelry comes with equally unique designs and an array of colors. Fantastic examples are the pearl drop pendant and 14k white gold multi gemstone. In all the items we’ve seen over the web, there’s nothing like the James Allen gemstones. We recommend this section for those who are very fond of gemstone jewelry.


James Allen takes good care of their customers are established by the reviews. As they invest a lot of money on them, this is essential for on the internet jewelers. For many years now, these have been the terms they follow to protect their customers:

• Shipping – The item will be shipped via FedEx two to 10 days after manufacturing. Loose diamonds are on same-day-delivery. On the details page of each item, the exact shipping times are described. The items sent are all covered while in transit and a signature is necessary upon delivery.

• Lifetime warranty – Every purchase of James Allen comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty also allows free cleaning every six months as well as polishing and tightening of prongs if needed.

• Return Policy – James Allen knows the importance of a jewelry purchase and that it needs time to consider. Because of this, there is a 30-day money-bank guarantee. The guarantee starts from dispatch date and when you need to use it, just call them to obtain a returns authorization number.

James Allen Summary

James Allen features outstanding jewelry designs.. To see what you are buying the website is well-structured with pictures and 3 dimensional views. To show how the ring looks when worn, a 3D hand view is also in the internet site. No other sites are as clear and honest in displaying their products. There are also items that can be fine gift ideas and can be purchased at a certain price range.

In the site, James Allen items may appear expensive and high end, but customers attest that they are really cheap.. One client was pleased because he saved thousands in his purchase of an engagement ring.. Probable reason for the reasonable prices is due to fact that they do not have retail venues. In total, James Allen website is as good as its items and is worth while checking out.


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