SEO Contracting Companies – Do You Have A Fighting Chance?

You may have noticed that searching for good SEO contracting companies for your web site isn’t the easiest of tasks. There are virtually thousands of companies offering anything from basic search engine optimization to miracle cures so you can get 1000’s of visitors to your web site every single day.

The question is, how can you decipher between the good and the bad and the ugly?

The good is all about starting slow, working systematically, using the best options available for your specific business to receive long-term quality results. The bad is taking a lazy approach, cutting corners for the short run results but failing miserably in the end..

And the ugly: Paying good money for no results.

I recently spoke with a client who was approached by a SEO (search engine optimization) company. The contract they offered was quite professional looking. Their contract covered many of the main components to gain better organic search engine positioning crystal-method. Their price seemed fair enough, $18,000. I was actually very impressed.

But something very important was missing from the contract. This missing element was so shocking I had to read the contract over 3 times. I just could not believe my eyes that an SEO contracting company would make such a blatant mistake.

The contract failed to mention anything about keyword research!

Let me explain… key word research is the foundation of search engine optimization. Without doing keyword research BEFORE working on a web site is like throwing darts at the sun. In other words, optimizing a web site without first researching keywords will NEVER result in any meaningful traffic. Literally, it is like paying good money to lay a carpet over quicksand.

How can a SEO company make such a big mistake!

Do you really want to know the answer?

Okay. The reason why SEO contracting companies can charge $18,000 for a contract that will never work is because there are so few SEO contracting companies out there that truly know what they are doing – and even less business owners who understand search engine optimization.

Business owners are at the mercy of SEO contracting companies because so few people truly understand exactly how it all works and how to effectively stay on top of all the latest developments.

How can you protect yourself from less than worthy SEO companies?

Always be sure that the SEO company is referred to you by someone you truly trust. If an SEO person calls you on the phone selling their services, it would be a great idea to say “No Thank You” and then hang up. Why? Because a qualified SEO company would not need to hire phone solicitors – they would have more than enough Google positioning to attract plenty of business. After all, SEO is about getting excellent positioning on search engines, not resorting to phones calls.

Another positive step to hiring the right SEO company is to get a few recent references. Contact these references and ask them how satisfied they are with the results they are receiving. Ask them to show you verifiable proof that their website in indeed receiving excellent organic search engine positioning.

Bottom line is this: Be extremely careful before hiring anyone who offers search engine optimization because there are a LOT of bad deals floating around out there in the Internet world.


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