Coupons Are Great But This Is Much Better

The last few days I have been doing something that pays far more than coupons. I have been utilizing the food in my kitchen cabinets and fridge. That may sound strange but I decided that I would not go grocery shopping this week unless I really had to.

I did end up going grocery shopping for small individual items such as cheese, milk, peanut butter and a few other items. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food that was sitting around waiting to be used. Frozen turkey, tortillas, eggs and cheese turned into a breakfast quesadilla that was very tasty. couponare The whole point of this project was to see if my food supplies were as low as I thought, or could I actually keep feeding my family on the premise “there is nothing to eat”.

The left over Parmesan crusted chicken lasted two whole meals with the help of a salad and extra pasta as a side dish. We had completed a burger challenge on the weekend that required four hamburger buns. Hamburger buns only come in packages of eight at my store. The four leftover buns and the leftover Kraft American cheese slices were fantastic as egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I think the key to using leftovers is to find combinations of foods that your family will eat. For us cheese, breads, pasta and chicken are a given. I was able to take one item and build a meal around it. Right now as I write this I have two flour tortillas, ¼ pound of ground turkey, a tiny bit of pepper jack cheese and one slice of American cheese. This will become a fantastic lunch quesadilla.

The end result of using up most of my food is I was able to save $38.98 that will go directly into my savings jar. I have not been keeping track of how much saving I have, I do know it is over $150.

Creating a meal plan on a budget of $100 to feed a family of four is difficult. There is a plan as to why I am using up most of my leftovers. First I wanted to see how much I could save in one week. $38.98 is the most. Second, I am about to change our meal plan completely. Rather than continue on the American style of food we are about to switch to a Mediterranean style of eating and I did not want to waste any food from the transition.

Rick and his wife have been able to reduce their grocery budget by almost 50% since they started this challenge in 2010. Their 15 years of grocery shopping for the family has led them to start a blog that includes using leftovers to save big, money, meal planning, cooking utensils, recipes, and grocery lists


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